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How to obtain an account on Compute Canada Resources

Compute Canada Identifier

To facilitate collaborations on a national scale, the creation of an account first involves obtaining a 'Compute Canada Identifier' or CCI from Compute Canada, which can be done by completing the account application form on the Compute Canada website.

If you are a permanent faculty member of a Canadian university, or if your status allows you to submit grant applications to the Canadian Foundation for Innovation (CFI) as a principal investigator, please select 'Faculty' to complete the position field of the form. This status will enable you to request a resource allocation for the projects which you supervise.

If you are not a faculty member, you must be sponsored by a faculty member and provide his 'Compute Canada Role Identifier' or CCRI.

Thus, if you are a professor:

  1. Consult the Compute Canada web site (available in English or French);
  2. Complete the Compute Canada Account Application Form, taking care to select 'Faculty' to complete the position field of the form;
  3. Submit the form.

Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email providing you with your CCI and CCRI. If you wish to sponsor students, research professionals, postdoctoral fellows, or other collaborators, you must give them your CCRI, which they will need to obtain their own CCI and CCRI.

If you are a student, postdoctoral fellow, research professional or a collaborator working on a research project, you must use the CCRI of the professor who is supervising the project that you are working on. Professors can request the resource allocations which will enable you to execute your programs on the McGill HPC computers.

Thus, if you are NOT a professor:

  1. Obtain the CCRI of the professor who supervises the project you are working on;
  2. Consult the Compute Canada web site (available in English or French);
  3. Complete the Compute Canada Account Application Form;
  4. Enter the professor's CCRI;
  5. Submit the form.

Once you have submitted the form, an email will be sent to your sponsor to ask him to confirm both your registration as well as your membership in the research project which he supervises. Once your research director has approved your registration, you will yourself receive a confirmation email within 24 hours providing you with your own CCI and CCRI.

What is the difference between a CCI and a CCRI?

The CCI identifies the individual, whereas the CCRI identifies the role which he plays in a particular context.  An individual may have several CCRIs.  For further information, please click here.

Creation of a Calcul Québec Account for Access to McGill HPC

* As of October 26, 2018, account creation on Guillimin has been blocked. Please contact us if you really need to access Guillimin.

Once you have completed your registration on the Compute Canada website and have received your CCI, you can request a Calcul Québec accoun to access McGill HPC resources by logging into the Compute Canada portal with your CCI and clicking on the item 'Apply for consortium account' under the 'My Account' menu at the top of the page. Click the 'Apply' button next to the 'Calcul Québec' Consortium. Complete and submit the application form.  Once that Calcul Québec account is created go to the Calcul Québec Portal under your "My Profile" tab.  There you can select the machine name of Guillimin which is part of the McGill HPC Centre.  Note that there is a delay between the request for an account and its creation. Please wait one full business day before contacting us to indicate a problem.