Data Transfer


* Compute Canada documentation:

Data Transfer tools

At Guillimin, we have provided tools for large data movement which are useful in transfering large datasets in a manner that utilizes network bandwidth better than the common "scp" . Below we outline these tools, namely BBCP and Globus Connect.


BBCP is a end to end network data transfer program with extreme network transfer rate. The program is written by High-Energy Physics community for large data transfer.

The documentation will provide a how to for user to move back from and forward to Guillimin file system with excellent transfer rate. It will also show users our data transfer policy based on our security and bandwidth restriction.

Please refer to this link for usage details specific to Guillimin. The official bbcp description/documentation can be found here.

Globus Connect

Globus Connect enables your laptop, desktop machine and cluster servers to be part of one cloud. It is available for Linux, Mac OS and Windows. We have anabled Globus Connect to easily transfer files between Guillimin resources and your personal laptop or desktop or from another cluster which has a defined endpoint in Globus Connect and which you have an account.

For more details specific to the usage of Globus Connect on Guillimin please see this link.