Globus Connect


* Compute Canada documentation:

Getting started

Download Globus Connect Personnal and install it on your laptop or desktop. It features an easy graphical installation, with no additional dependencies. All compute Canada sites are globusconnect endpoints. To sign up please go to the compute Canada Globus connect portal here.  The link also has detailed documentation for sign up.  Below is a summary of steps to follow:

  • Generate an SSH key pair (if you don’t have one already) by running: ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048
  • Add your SSH public key to your Globus account: Run: cat $HOME/.ssh/ Select and copy the output text.
  • Access your Globus profile. Click 'Manage Identities' in left column, then click 'Add SSH Public Key'  and paste the contents of your SSH public key into the 'SSH Public Key' field (and optionally enter any name you like in the 'Alias' field). Click 'Add SSH Key' to save. (It will take 1-2 minutes for the SSH key to become active for use.)
  • Test access by running: ssh <your-Globus-username> Back to the web portal, click the 'Start Transfer' link on the Dashboard (under 'File Transfer'), or select 'Start Transfer' from the 'Go To:' menu in the top bar.
  • On the 'Start Transfer' page, you can view the list of available endpoints by clicking the button on the 'Endpoint' drop down box. Guillimin endpoints start with  "globusmcgillhpc". You can also type in the 'Endpoint' field and use the auto complete feature will find the desired endpoints. After selecting the new  computecanada#guillimin endpoint, you may be prompted to 'activate' that endpoint for your transfer. Basically you can select endpoints you need for which you have accounts.
  • You will see a dialog box that will indicate if activation is needed, and once you press 'Continue', it will redirect you to the "computecanada#guillimin" MyProxy OAuth page. The page will prompt you to login with your Guillimin username and password. Once you have successfully authenticated, you will be redirected back to the Globus page. At this time, your endpoint is activated, which implies Globus has your short term credential for transferring your files. (Note: If you have recently activated/used the endpoint, you may not be prompted for credentials; typically, credentials are valid for 12 hours.)
  • You will then see a listing of the contents of the selected server. You can navigate the file system by double clicking on directories to view their contents. Select a file or directory on the  "computecanada#guillimin"  endpoint that you want to transfer. Select the destination endpoint for your transfer and navigate to the desired location. Click on the highlighted 'arrow button' to initiate the transfer.

Advantage of using the Globus web interface to transfer files

  • It works with firewalls that block incoming connections and/or perform network address translation (NAT)Transfer files to and from GridFTP servers, perform directory listings and file checksums.
  • Globus connect reliably recovers from transient network faults.
  • GSI grid security is used  for security and authentication and GridFTP protocol for high speed data transfer.