McGill HPC Services



Advanced Computing for Research & Industry


The McGill HPC Centre is one of the most advanced computing and data management facilities in Canada and the world. Through its partnerships with the Calcul Quebec and Compute Canada networks, our resource capacity is second to none in the country. McGill HPC is proud to announce that it recently expanded its scope to include computing and data management services to the private sector. By virtue of being part of one of the world’s leading research universities, The McGill HPC Centre also provides access to a broad range of analytical services, from code optimization and big data management to expert skills in the areas of aerospace, genomics, bio-informatics, materials science, to name but a few. Moreover, McGill HPC is able to carry out these services at the most competitive rates compared to commercial standards. Its dedication to high standards, reliable service and its industry experience, makes The McGill HPC Centre a one-stop resource for computing services.


The list of McGill HPC Service Offerings includes:


1) Advanced Computational Systems

The McGill HPC Centre operates some of the largest and most advanced computing systems in Canada including a large general-purpose compute cluster with more than 21000 processing cores, leading-edge accelerator technologies such as GPUs (graphical processing units) and the Intel Phi accelerator. Also available is access to large shared memory systems with up to 1 TB of memory.


2) Data Storage and Big Data Analytics

5 PetaBytes of disk storage using a high-performance parallel file system (GPFS), which is tuned for both large volume storage and fast access in a secure computing environment. The system supports large-scale and rapid data analytics. The disk system is backed by a tape archive and hierarchical storage management (HSM) system that adds an additional 2.5 PetaBytes of storage capacity for long-term data preservation and backup.


3) Cloud Computing Services

Access to the McGill HPC facilities can be provided through a number of customizable portal methods by which clients make use of secure encrypted access methods. Resources can be provisioned through dedicated and reliable cloud services on the McGill HPC resources enabling clients to securely compute, store and manage data. We take data security very seriously and our analysts have been at the forefront of defining security policy standards for Compute Canada and Calcul Quebec. We also have partnered with IBM to expand the breadth and flexibility of McGill HPC services can be delivered to business.


4) Advanced Technical Support and HPC Consulting

Through a highly skilled team of analysts and our broad network of internationally recognized research partners at McGill and ETS, McGill HPC offers support and consulting in a range of advanced computational methods and skills relevant for both academic and industrially relevant research, including parallel programming, algorithm development, data-intensive computing, fluid mechanics, computational genomics, bioinformatics, health science, drug development and advanced materials.


5) HPC Training

The McGill HPC Centre provides a year-round suite of short courses and workshops in advanced computing techniques. These are open to groups of students and industry researchers and range from parallel and GPU programming to data mining and analysis techniques. Training can be catered to be general or topic-specific as dictated by our audience. This is done easily by rapidly leveraging the extensive compliment of staff and consultants at McGill University. Moreover, training can be carried out at the McGill Facility or at a client site.