Research Profile- Dr. Nikolas Provatas


Research Summary for Dr. Nikolas Provatas


Group Director: 

Dr. Nikolas Provatas 


Professor, Department of Physics, McGill University

Research Description:

"My research applies high-performance computing, condensed matter theory and experiments to understand the fundamental origins of length scale selection mechanisms in non-equilibrium pattern forming systems found in materials science. These include systems undergoing crystallization from a melt or amorphous phases, particle precipitation, second phase formation, grain growth kinetics and reaction-diffusion processes in heterogeneous materials. Some of these systems serve as paradigms for understanding microstructure properties and evolution in material processing. I am interested in porting over ideas and knowledge from microscopic scales to the scales on which material properties are typically realized in practical applications. This connection of length scales can be achieved by coarse-graining physical theories at microscopic scales to yield higher-scale continuum and sharp-interface models. Models thus developed are useful in materials engineering applications. The phenomena I study are relevant to industrial metals processing."