The McGill-CLUMEQ Site has Achieved ATLAS T2D Designation!



Since the establishment of the ATLAS Tier-2 centre hosted within Guillimin system the Tier-2 has achieved several important milestones in support of the LHC physics program.  The computing resources made available worldwide to analyzing physics data coming from the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Geneva are organized in a tiered system.  There are four key detectors at the LHC: ATLAS, CMS, ALICE and LHCb.  The data from the detectors first pass through the Tier-0 facility, which the core computing centre at CERN near the detectors.  At the Tier-0, there is skimming of raw data where it is organized according to various physics discovery interests.  It is then copied to 11 Tier-1s which are at various locations in the world including Europe ( 8 Tier-1s), Asia (1 Tier-1) and North America (2 Tier-1s). The data is archived in these centres on both tape and disk systems.  These are large computing resources dedicated to further skimming of data and the generation of simulated data samples.  Canada hosts one of the North American Tier-1s and is located in Vancouver, British Columbia at TRIUMF, Canada’s National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics.  

The next critical level of data handling and processing occurs at the Tier-2’s, which number nearly 150 at various centres and university institutes around the world near to where the researchers are located.  In addition to running Monte-Carlo production supporting the Tier-1 activities, the user analysis is carried in these Tier-2 centres whereby the numerous research groups run their jobs analyzing physics data geared towards various intended discoveries. The Tier-2s host important discovery data such as Higgs search datasets and specific discovery analysis is carried in these Tier-2s. These specialized, high performance centres are called T2Ds.  Recently the McGill Tier-2 centre joined this class of Tier-2s. This accomplishment is in addition to having completed various important milestones as mentioned: certification in October-2011; joining ATLAS production activities in November-2011; starting user-Analysis in December-2011; and recently after demonstrating high performance and reliability having achieved the T2D classification.  With this most recent accomplishment the ATLAS Tier-2 centre at McGill is positioned as one of the key centres worldwide for fundamental scientific discovery.